About Coffee Enemas & Organic Coffee Cleanse Co

Organic Coffee Cleanse Co has been roasting Coffee Enemas since 2019 in the UK using an air roasted roaster in Hertfordshire in England and are the top Amazon Rated Enema Coffee on Amazon UK.

Our company name is called Magic Beans Trading Limited and our Soil Association UK Organic Certificate Trading Number Reference is DA26735.

Where do we ship Coffee Enemas to?

We ship coffee enemas to the UK: We ship enema coffee by tracked mail in plain packaging to anywhere in the UK.

We ship to the EU: We have an UK-EU IOSS number, which means that we will pay the tax duty on orders arriving to the EU, so that the delivery should be fast and efficient and with no customs fees or delays. We use Royal Mail Tracked mail system.

We ship globally: go to the product pages, so that you can see which countries that we currently ship to. If your country is not on the list, then please contact us and we can offer a bespoke quote to you.

Our Organic Coffee Enema Promises:

  • 100% Organic Coffee – no pesticides or herbicides used in coffee production.
  • 100% Robusta Coffee – increased caffeine levels (double Arabica coffee caffeine levels).
  • Ultra Light Gold Roast – coffee is roasted for a fraction of the time with a hay-like roast colour – the light roast preserves higher levels of caffeine and palmitic acid
  • Extra Fine Ground – coffee is ground to a fine powder allowing increased dissolve rate when brewing coffee for enemas.
  • Shipped in unbranded packaging for privacy

Essential precautions concerning the possible detrimental effects of coffee enemas must be noted:

Before initiating coffee enemas, acknowledged by some for their benefits, comprehensive research and consultation with a health professional are indispensable.

Choosing a reputable enema kit and strictly following its instructions is vital to elude negative repercussions.

Potential dangers encompass thermal injuries from overly heated solutions, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances if adequate rehydration is neglected.

Frequent use may provoke issues such as gas, cramping, and bloating. In cases of severe symptoms like intense pain, burning, nausea, vomiting, or rectal bleeding, one should immediately discontinue the enema and consult a doctor.

Moreover, coffee enemas can elevate the risk of bacterial infections, particularly if there are any open sores or cuts near the anus, highlighting the importance of ensuring the area is clean and completely healed prior to use.

Important: It is recommended that you consult your healthcare provider before using this product for coffee enemas.